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Services Offered by EthioStork

Adopting babiesEthiopian Culture & Adoption Webinar
This is recommended for families currently in the process of adoption or considering adoption. These web seminars provide resources to equip you in the adoption of your Ethiopian child.

We give web seminars covering:

  • Ethiopian Culture and History
  • Ethiopian Adoption laws and current issues
  • What to expect, how to tell if anything in your adoption is of concern or outside the normal time
  • Equipping yourself to ensure your agency is doing its due diligence

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International Document Consultation

So you just received your referral! This is one of the most exciting milestones in your adoption process. It also means that in the midst of all the excitement you have to review and understand all the social and medical documents in the referral packet. It is recommended that you send your referred child’s medical information to an International pediatrician to make sure you know all there is to know about your child’s medical condition.

Have you ever considered having your child's official social profile reviewed by a professional? You should! This helps you avoid any delays or heartaches at the final stages of your adoption. You want your new child home with no unnecessary delays.

Have an international adoption document specialist review your child’s social document to ensure everything is in order for court and embassy. This will help you become your own advocate and hold your agency accountable to do all things necessary to complete or correct any errors. Most importantly, it will help you determine if you are adopting a true orphan who needs a loving home.

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Over The Phone Translation Services

The first few months your adopted child is home will be stressful as your child transitions into his or her new life. The language barrier can add additional stress and confusion as you try to communicate with each other. While it is true that an adopted child will soon be able to tell you in English what she wants, it may be necessary to have someone translate for you.

The older your child is, the more important it is to know what she is trying to tell you about her past or something important that she can’t articulate in English just yet. We will personally work with you to set up a time that works for you to help you and your child communicate better. This is not simply for translation but also to help you and your older child foster a healthy relationship.

Birthparent/History Tracing

We have a highly specialized staff in Ethiopia who can help trace your child’s birth history. As adopted children grow they start to ask about their birth parents. We help families trace parents and history of their adopted child who was abandoned or relinquished with little known family history.

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Travel and In-Country Accommodations

We work with reputable travel guides, transportation providers and guesthouses that cater to adoptive families. Our staff knows everything from where you need to go to complete your adoption, the best places to shop, to the best clinic to go to in case you or your child gets sick.

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