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EthioStork, LLC
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Phone: 1-855-ET-STORK

Hours of Operation (EST):

Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM


"There are really no words to express how much appreciation we have for EthioStork and Duni. Without her we would have never brought our miracle baby, Abidiya, home. She became a rock in a very hard emotional journey for us and with God's help a miracle was performed. Duni has such a passion for adoption and orphans, and her work reflects it. It's not about the money for her; it's about doing what God has called us all to do. Thanks Duni. We love you dearly." —C. & B. Kirkland, May 2012

"The process of adoption can be challenging and, at times, uncertain. As government policies tend to shift without notice, it was good to have Duni advising us not only because of her knowledge, but because of her relationships in Ethiopia. Her guidance, and professionalism were of great value to us." —R&B Ward

"We used EthioStork for Orphan Status Verification during our adoption process. Duni and her staff helped us gain added information about our children's background and the I600 applications. [EthioStork] gave us the necessary tools we needed to prove our children were true orphans. The Orphan Status Verification helped us go through the embassy process faster and helped us solve issues with our paperwork. This report also allowed us to avoid delays at the embassy. Duni is an amazing and professional person to work with. My experience with her and her the EthioStork staff was positive." —S. Kelati

"We are so glad that the Lord led us to EthioStork! Our adoption had many delays, which made our process take longer than we expected. When we finally submitted to the embassy, we were able to get a very quick response for our visa interview because of the Orphan Status Verification and DVD that EthioStork conducted and produced for us. It was imperative that we had that DVD otherwise they would have required the birth father to come in person for an interview and the process would have taken even longer. We are so happy to have found out very important and helpful information about their birth parents and family that they will one day be glad to see and know."
—S & H Trump

"I know now that things in Ethiopia aren't always as they first appear. … [But] EthioStork helped us uncover the truth. They have given our daughter answers. I am so grateful I listened to my instinct, trusted, and took the leap to search for our daughter's first family with EthioStork. … Having her story, she will be able to have a better understanding of her past. Her story is a part of our family today and for future generations, and we are so grateful to know it." —Jennifer Rikkers